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Spray Tanning

Fast. Easy. Perfect tan.

Buy the Beach tanning salons offer state-of-the-art spray tan booths for your privacy and convenience.


Come in anytime, and with little or no wait, hop-in and get a perfect sun-kissed tan in minutes!

Tanning Salons in Howland OH
Tanning Salons in Howland OH

Skin Type 1

Pale, ivory white skin color

Blonde or red hair with light eyes

buy the beach


Buy the Beach has five convenient locations in the NE Ohio area, find the one closest to you or get in touch today to learn what sets our staff and facilities apart.

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Tanning Salons in Niles OH

THE #1 SPRAY TANNING SALON in NE Ohio for a Reason

Perhaps it's our obsession with providing the safest, most inventive, and high-tech spray tanning in NE Ohio. 


With our spray tans, you don't have to sacrifice quality for affordability.  At Buy The Beach tanning salons in NE Ohio, you can have both. A flawless spray tan at a competitive price.

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